Our Adventurous Journey – VITEMS

We started our adventurous journey on Thursday. Beforehand, of course, we prepared our backpacks and planned our route so we started our hike full of energy and motivation. First few clicks of walk were quite quiet because we needed some time to realize we were left of the chain after whole week of waiting. That spirit quickly turned to amazement and joy and we reached our first checking point chill and fresh as we just came from sauna. We ate baked, smoked expedition tuna and continued our trip unaware of future obstacles waiting to ruin our good mood. Soon we arrived to a huge swamp, bigger than anyone could imagine in their wildest dreams. We almost gave up trying to cross it when we excellent idea rushed through our mind. We rolled up our sleeves and built a magnificent bridge across the swamp. It resembled on Golden Gate Bridge in US. We were a little behind of our plan so we almost run to our camp. Then a great disaster occoured. Tabea’s shoes couldn’t follow our fast tempo so they were litteraly torn apart. At camp we cooked dinner which tasted as it was prepared by worlds best chefs. We learned how to throw knives and we set up a hammock.

We slept like in heaven and we woke up in even better mood as we went to sleep. We headed to the great lake of Rautulampi and even Tabeas shoes couldnt stop us to reach our destination. We ate a lunch there and continued our hike even quicker then before. We soon stumbled upon some really difficult terrain but our good physical preparation was paid out and we had no difficulties finishing our day two. At the camp we met our beloved friends, Anka’s angels. We had perfect evening together exchanging stories, singing songs and all that comes along.

Day three started well, we had good rest and leaved the camp at ten 30. Difficult path was in front of us, our navigation skills were on put on test. We dodged the swamp and picked the shortcut directly through the woods. We arrived to Rautulampi and took a nap for two hour because hail and rain started fall from the sky so we couldnt see two metres in front of us. Immediately after weather stabilazed we climbed the highest mountain we saw at the moment. There we saw tonns o reindeer and even more blueberries. We arrived at the camp just at the right time because few drops of rain fell again.


We started our last day in the early morning, at 6 oclock. In fog we climbed another huge mountain and quickly finished our journey at Kiilopaa. We there long before lunch at ten. By the way we jumped to the mountain of Kiilopää where we stumbled upon some really magnificent reindeer with horns bigger than our backpacks. When we came down the hill we realized that the whole trip was nothing so we didnt even waited for bus but just walked to our resorts. So we came back alive and healthy and it felt as we just finished a Sunday walk.

-VITEMS: Vid, Ieva,Tabea, Erkki, Mirna & Saulė


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