Our adventure – UVB


We are international youth group. We are from Slovenia, Czech rebublic, Netherlands, Lithuania and Finland. We spent four days hiking in Urho Kekkonen National park.

We started in Kiilopää and we went to suomunlampi where we spent first night. On second day after 20 kilometres hiking we slept on Luirojärvi. There were many beautiful views that we could enjoy.  After good night we started walking to kataköngäs where we spent last night. Our stop point was also Kiilopää which offered challenging road.

Everyone learned a lot. Hiking in international group was challenging but memorable. We had some problems acrossing rivers and swamps. It was fun to walk barefoot. Environment was different than in our home countries so that was a new experience. We were happy to walk in silence and just think about everything.

Best wishes UVB


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