How it all started: The Finnish hosts’ greetings

Hello participant, leader, assessor, Awardee,

In four weeks you will arrive to one of the northernmost countries in the world to a unique part of Europe. The thought may seem now distant, but each day it is becoming more and a more part of our reality. Eleven days of project called Tunturi 2016 – Lapland Adventure, located above the Arctic Circle, are eagerly waiting for you.

The thought of organising a project in Lapland got its beginning in the very early days of 2015, if not earlier. In January 2015, we invited representatives from all of our partner countries for a meeting to Helsinki, Finland. For three days we brainstormed, discussed and shared ideas about co-operation between Gold Award Holders across the EMAS region, and the idea for a project morphed.

One or two applications later we received a big, happy YES to our funding application from Erasmus+ (European Union). This program invites youth to take on initiative and educate themselves. This thought enabled all of us to get together in Finland.

This blog is totally dedicated to our amazing project and to all of us. Therefore, let’s make it look like us. Creative, innovative, eager, self-developing and curious.

We cannot wait to welcome you to Suomi in a month!

Greetings from Helsinki! We have been reunited after 8 months of separation.

See you soon,
Mari & Katri <3

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