Collecting thoughts about the Tunturi 2016 –project

Now I (Venla) am back to home and I have had time to think about the elapsed two weeks. Before camp I was so excited and sure that the camp will be awesome and it was! Preparing for camp started the reservation of stuffs and to check that I have all the necessary. It was nice to spend time preparing for the camp because I knew that the front is a great experience.

The camp went very nice. During the camp was a lot of different situations both good and worse but we were able to manage them together. The camping place was Tievatupa in Ivalo. We got to enjoy really good food and it was one of the best things in whole camp. As typical for Finnish people we got to go to sauna for several evenings. We were also able to go swimming to river.

In the beginning of the camp we were divided into subgroups where we spent lot of time. The best in camp had new people and new friendships. We did hiking in subgroups. Before hiking we had different activities and games and the reason for that we would know each other better.


Now I, Maiju, am going to tell my feelings concerning the time during and after our expedition. I agree everything Venla wrote. My own subgroup named Sopulit became close and tight: I felt that I could speak about anything with people in my subgroup. Subgroup was the most important motivator and helper during the expedition. We walked, cooked, slept, woke up and enjoyed our time between those together. We swam, crossed rivers and swamps, ate blueberries, used 3 rolls of toilet paper, sweat a lot, wet our shoes every day, dried them as many times and run the last 20 meters to finishing point! Our group had two cameras plus my pocket camera and Matej’s phone. We took many, many, many photos, only in Masa’s camera for example there were over 500 pics!

After long four days those four days didn’t seem as long as they felt during walking and sleeping in cold tent. I was happy to get a shower and clean clothes on. It was really important to fill all the forms that we had to, even though it wasn’t especially fun or inspiring to do them. I’m sorry Eliska, we were kind of awful to you, we were so done with explaining our routeplan to everyone and changing plans trying to fill leaders wishes. Luckily our group didn’t need any help from people outside but some other groups did. Important thing was also the  debriefing after the expedition. It helped us to handle all the experiences and feelings. Also sauna in the evening gave me time to think about all that had happened. Missing home, being tired, new friends, meeting people with different values, other people’s bad feelings, unbelievable landscapes, pain, sharing our deepest thoughts with each other…


In my opinion our expedition was definitely the best one I’ve ever had! Thank you all for that 🙂 During Tunturi 2016 I got to know people from other countries, other cultures and other environments. I also got to know Award –program which I found very useful to increase volunteering in different ways, to help youngsters to act goal-oriented and to improve youngsters’ possibilities to be more international. That all could help them to get work and make their own communities better. That is why I believe we should have more projects like this!

(Don’t be afraid to take some big jumps in your life :))

With love,
Venla & Maiju


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