3rd day – Visit to Ivalo

Today was an exciting day for us. We finally left our beloved Tievatupa and drove for about an hour to Ivalo, a rainy town where we visited Inari radio and the public library. The radio is run by local youngsters who inspired us with thier creativity and talent. We also had the honour to be interviewed and talk about the camp and our lives in home countries. In the afternoon, we visited the library where we carried out the workshops planned the day before. There were some visitors and they all enjoyed our cup song, caricatures and interviews a lot, just as we did. Next on our plan was a visit to a supermarket, where we bought the needed food and clothes for the expedition. Due to the cold weather we were all buying gloves. On our way back to Tieavatupa we stopped in Saariselkä, where we saw our first moose and reindeer. We went to another outdoor shop, where many people bought sporks. We are looking forward to sauna and movie in the evening and we are excited about the coming day.

art interviews music music2 music3 Radio Inari

-Živa and Katarina from Slovenia


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