1st day – Team building & getting to know each other

  The first day of our experience in the middle of Finnish wilderness is behind us. Today, the program was all about getting to know each other. We were divided into subgroups that will be our family for the coming hike. Through couple of ice-breaking games, we have improved our skills in working in a group and respecting other people as individuals. The introduction process was very successful. We did not learn just the names of our fellows, but also their most notable characteristics, things they like, little secrets and more. Although we are just starting, we are already sure that the following days will be unforgettable. Spotting three elks in the woods has made us excited for the expedition and the days to come. No time to write more: a campfire is awaiting, and we are so looking forward to the atmosphere of it.


IMG_5942 IMG_5945  IMG_5948IMG_5963  IMG_5954tunturi3 tunturi2 Tunturi1 IMG_5982



Written by the Czech team: Vojtěch, Tabea, Matej, Barbara & TomášIMG_5920

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