The seasons of Finland

27. 07. 2016

At first I want to introduce myself: I’m Maiju from Finland and your travelmate at the adventure. I live in Joensuu which stands in Eastern Finland. I study Home Economics in UEF and will graduate soon ?

Now I want to tell you something about Finland! Finland is a beautiful country where we have four really different seasons when weather and nature changes. Let’s start at the beginning of year:

At spring, the sun starts to shine longer and warmer. At first there is cold and snow, but later all our plants/herbal/vegetation will grow so it’s greener and greener every day. My brazilian roommate said that people crawl out of their homes to have sun, meet friends and have picnics. And that people seems to get really alive when summer gets closer. I agree ?

Then comes summer. Summer is my favourite season! It’s warm – sometimes over +30’C – and in this summer not just some but several really warm days! It’s now end of summer and so most of our flowers have already gone. Nature wears still it’s best outfit, so you’ll see the most lively nature when you arrive. Today it’s no clouds in the sky and my thermometer says there is +27’C in the shade (27.7., 2:45 PM). You’ll see our summer soon so I don’t ruin the surprise more than this!

Let’s move to our next season, autumn. It is the time when weather gets chilly after the hottest period. That means most of our vegetation starts to get ready for winter to come. Leaf changes colour from green to red, yellow, orange and brown. We call it “ruska”. After “ruska” most leaf fall  to ground an they protect the 20141003_144252gound from becoming snow. Maybe the ground needs lot of moist also, don’t know, but despite that it’s raining cats and dogs. Raincoats (to you and your equipment) are necessary!

Last but not least comes winter. You all probably know Santa Claus who visit everyones home at Christmas with reindeers and snowmobile. Lanscape is full of snow and there is so dark outside you can see the stars really easily. Well, not every winter looks like that, but every year comes some snow and sometimes even before Christmas ? At wintertime we can have under -30’C so it’s very cold somedays. You may want to take some woollensocks with you even it.s not winter!

It is hard to know when season start and end, but they all last something around three months. Now it’s time when summer ends and autumn starts. You’ll need to be prepared to cold and warm, sunshine and rain. Temperature in Lapland will be between -5’C and +25’C.

I welcome you all to Finland and hope you get some unforgettable memories while Tunturi2016!

See you in two days!!

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